Shanghai after three years/ Personal letter

Hello, Shanghai. I haven’t seen you so closely for three years.
Once I decided that we are different, and all my love was divided between other cities, but today you again gave me a chance to feel you.

The Bund ( 外滩 )

My story

My first meeting with China began in Shanghai. Summer 2017 📅 I arrived in Shanghai on my first model trip. After 24h without sleep, in a taxi, I tried to stay awake in order to see all the amazing and unfamiliar world outside, but sleep won. After I had two whole months to feel the whole flavor of China and the flavor of this city. I left you with the words: “I love you, Shanghai”. A year later, I cheated on you with other Chinese cities, where I prefer to stay now. And today, behind the crowds and traffic jams, I saw another Shanghai, with its amazing architecture, with real life, which is hidden behind the skyscrapers, with the smell of freshly baked cookies on the main street. Fast and noisy, but, at the same time, calm and real Shanghai.
Today I was a tourist, maybe, because of this, I noticed things that I haven’t seen during work.

Pedestrian Street. Metro station: Nanjing Road

We are getting closer again, Shanghai. And thank you for today ⏳


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