I want to be a model/ Answers to 15 popular questions about modeling

1. What do you need in order to be a model?

  1. Measurements for girls: height from 175 cm for Europe and the USA, from 170 cm for Asia. Basic measurements 90-60-90.
    Measurements for boys: height from 183 cm.
  2. Model appearance  (scout – a person working in a modeling agency that can determine by your appearance whether you can work as a model or not).
  3. Desire to be a model.

2. How to become a model?

There are two options:

  1. You send your snaps to one of the modeling agencies.
  2. Scout finds you on social networks or accidentally meet you on the street.

3. What are snaps and portfolio?

Snaps are photographs of the face and in full growth from four sides. Girls without makeup. Photos are sent without editing. Read more about good model snaps https://www.thebalancecareers.com/what-type-of-photos-do-modeling-agencies-really-want-2379485

Portfolio – a set of photos that show the model from the best side.

4. Do I need to attend a model school before becoming a model?

It depends on you. A modeling agency doesn’t require this. A model school is more conducive to your personal development: you will be taught to walk, pose and feel confident.
It is very important to choose a good model school because now it is a popular business. The school should have professionals who can give you the information you really need. Otherwise, you will lose your money in vain.
I attended such a school for some time, but I gained all the valuable experience in model trips.

5. Can I work without a portfolio?

No. You should have at least two shootings before your trip. As a rule, a foreign agency selects a girl from the photo. Sometimes you can come to an agency abroad and they can arrange several test shootings for you in order to improve your portfolio.

6. How can I make a portfolio?

If the agency agrees to work with you, they will organize your first photoshoot. Then they can also post your photos on social networks. After you may receive offers for shooting from different photographers.
The fastest option is to order a paid shoot by a professional photographer.

7. I have a portfolio and an agency. What’s next?

Agency goes looking contract fo you abroad. The choice of the country will depend on your type. Some girls are better for Europe, some for Asia.

8. Where can I work as a model?

As a model, you have a huge selection. Model business is developing in many countries. The most popular markets are the USA, Italy, France, Japan, China, Korea. Also England, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, India, Australia, and others.

9. How expensive is it to become a model?

It is absolutely free. Don’t believe people on the internet, who promise you a great modeling career for a certain amount of money.

10. How long does one contract long?

At least 2 months or more. Rarely agencies give contracts for a month or 45 days.

11. What level of English should the model have?

Basic English. Without knowledge of English in model trips are very difficult. Usually, girls understand the importance of communication on the first trip and begin to learn English. Communicating in an English-speaking environment also helps to improve language.

12. What does the work of a model abroad include?

A foreign agency pays for accommodation, flights and gives money for a model for personal expenses. A girl/boy visits castings daily or goes to work that the agency provides. First, the model must return all the money that the agency spent on her/him. When the model returns all the money, she/he will start earning own money, giving a percentage to the agency.

13. What percentage does the agency take for itself?

Foreign agency – 40%
Mother agency – 10%
Model – 50%
This percentage may vary by country.

14. I work, but I want to travel as a model. What to do?

It is absolutely possible to mix two of these activities. At school, you can agree with the director and answer all subjects ahead of schedule. Distance learning is always available at the university.

15. Does the model always make money?

Not. On the first trips, girls with no experience often return without a salary. If the type of girl does not fit the country, then she can also be left without money.

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