How to start practicing yoga/ FireFly Resort Bali, Ubud.

How to start practicing yoga and not be disappointed?

Other people always told me that yoga has changed their lives and inner world. Now they can’t imagine their life without yoga. All these comments sound good and you want immediately try yourself in this area. You find yoga-studio near your home or a video lesson on YouTube, practice for a while and get disappointed. You don’t understand, why everything is so slow, how to breathe rightly, what is the own idea of yoga. The desire to practice yoga disappears. What did all these people find in yoga?

The best way gets to know yoga – visit one of the yoga retreats. There are millions of retreats all over the world with different amounts of days, varieties of teachers and kind of yoga. You can choose a course only for three days or experience 200-h teaching training somewhere in India. This site will help you to do it. I had my first experience in Ubud in FireFly Resort Bali.

FireFly Resort Bali

One week in the jungle

Ubud  – wonderful, magical and miraculous place. Having decided to spend one week on this retreat, you will not only practice different types of yoga and meditate, but also fall asleep and wake up in the jungle, meet sunrises over the rice fields and observe fireflies after the sunset.  This is an amazing place to explore yourself, your body and the world around you.


Why this place is suitable for beginners?

All this week you will spend in a group of people with morning and evening yoga practices (around 1.5h), activities every day and yummy and healthy meals. Every day you will get deeper in yoga basis. All practices Intended for beginners and become more complicated by the end of the week. The whole atmosphere accompanies you to experience yoga as a spiritual practice, and only after as a physical one. This is where my love for yoga began and now I can’t imagine my life without it!

Balinese experience (group tour)

Important notices before buying this tour

  • Accommodation may seem very scarce, the water pressure in the shower is weak and the floors are not clean enough. It all depends on your requests. Our house was completely fine. My full review about this retreat you can read here.
  • You should be ready that not only you liv in a jangle. Some other insects, critters, and animals also live here. It is absolutely normal if you meet the monkey that climbed in through the window in your shower(we were like that once). Just be ready to be close to nature. Don’t scary!  
  • This place can satisfy deferent wishes: practice yoga, have a good vacation, make good photos for Instagram, experience new emotions and so on. But remember – this is not a hospital, where people treat your problems and depressions. You can feel amazing whole week but anyway return to your problems in real life. The own goal of retreat makes your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible, but not cure you. Do not build high expectations, then not to complain that you weren’t helped.
  • Be friendly and open. Communicate with other people. Take the maximum during this vacation. Being here, you are one step closer to the magic of this island. All in your hands!

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