How to become a model in China?

When I tell people that I work as a model in China, usually their thoughts are going in two different ways. One people don’t understand what does it mean ‘to be a model’, other people say: “Oyyy, I want to know more about it”. Okay, let’s make it clear.

Hello, China! First meeting

First time I left my hometown at the age of 16. Some people believe that it is too early and dangerous to go abroad along at this age, but I met girls at the age of 12 in China, so, I can say, that I started a little bit late:D
I kept the ticket on one side and knew about modeling as much as you know right now. But I was sure that it would be the best trip of my life. It was true. I spent all the flight time without sleep. All my way took around 18 hours.  When we landed and were met by our driver, I no longer had the strength to look out the taxi window. I fell asleep with a view of the skyscrapers in Shanghai and promised myself that I would look at them later.

I didn’t dream to be a model, but it’s happened

I’ve always loved taking pictures. Even as a child, we arranged a small photo session at home on the first phones. At that time I had no idea that your love for posing, you face and height can give you a good chance in life.

The system works like this. You send you photos without makeup in full growth, half body and just face to mother agency (‘mother agency’ means your own agency. And their rule is to find contracts for you in other countries), if they like you, sign a contact, pack your stuff and go to make yourself known. I followed this pattern and came to one of the most unusual countries in 6 months after sending my photos.

How does it work?

Usually, one contract takes around 2-3 months. The host agency in China (or another country) pays for your tickets, accommodation, transportation, comp cards (special cards with your photos, which you use during castings). They also give you some cash every 1-2 weeks.  You can earn money, but first of all, you should return all the money they have spent on you. 50% of your earnings after each job you give to the Agency (40% to the host agency, 10% to the mother agency). The percentage component can be different.

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