Gili Air worth visiting/ One week in H2O Yoga Center

Visited the island once, I fell in love forever

Gili Air is a small island in the Indian ocean. Life here is special. The main means of transportation is horses and bikes. The main drink – coconut water. The main entertainment – enjoying the sweet life. The main residents – happy people. If you still can’t decide to come to Gili Air or no, drop all doubts, take a few swimsuits, sunscreen and go to the island! In my suitcase, I added wearing for yoga classes.

Palm fields

H2O Yoga Retreat Center

The choice of accommodation on the island is quite large and varied. But if you like yoga I can offer you to spent one week in Yoga Center. It is the best decision: pay only once and get the full package (accommodation with breakfasts, unlimited yoga classes, cooking class, Balinese massage). Read more about this place you can here You can also read my article about Yoga Center in Ubud. The difference between these places is that on Gili Air you don’t have a permanent group for the whole week, people around you always change. You also don’t have a special program (except yoga), so you organize free time yourself.

The whole island is full of such signs

I arrived at Gili Air along and was afraid I couldn’t find the company. But as a result, my contact list has doubled. The own secret – smile and openness. I promise, shortly you will ride around the island on bicycles, watch a movie on the beach or dance Latin dances in “The Mexican kitchen” ( with a wonderful company!

One week in notes

  • DAY 1. It wasn’t difficult to get to the island. I immediately noticed the blue color of the water. The island is small, I found my yoga center fast and after 30 minutes were lying in my own room. I visited only one yoga class today, met sunset near the ocean with a cup of ginger tea in my hands. You’d know how gorgeous the sky is here! It seems you will climb on a palm tree and stars already in your hands!
  • DAY 2. The day was saturated. After three yoga classes, we went to dinner. I must say that the prices in Gili Air are much lower than in Bali, and all the dishes are tasty and yummy. Today I also had a cooking class where we cooked Gado-Gado. Now it’s my favorite Indonesian dish:DD
  • DAY 3. Before I didn’t know what would I do a whole week on the island, but days are going so fast! I even don’t have time to use my phone. Today after morning yoga we were riding bikes and swimming in the ocean with guys from Germany. It is always sunny on the island, but today it has rained. No matter what the weather, my heart is soothed 😉
  • DAY 4. The island is amazing at any time. In the early morning, I took my bicycle in order to fell the morning atmosphere when life is just starting to pick up speed. Today during our aqua yoga class our teacher asked us: “You are on an amazing island, doing yoga in the pool and all this Monday morning. Isn’t that wonderful?” And how right she is! It is not only wonderful, but also amazing, magical and excellent! I finish the evening in a Mexican restaurant in the company of two wonderful girls!
  • DAY 5. You can find pros and cons anywhere. But I believe that everything depends on the person. Today I said goodbye to Vera from Germany and agreed to meet with her in Australia! I like people on the island. They just enjoy and get high. Everything feels relaxed.  Today we watched a movie on the beach with a jar of popcorn. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • DAY 6. I confused days. I was thinking that I have two more days, but I am leaving tomorrow. First, I decided to stay more but in result would return to Bali.
    It would be nice to pack all my things now, but I choose to read a book for the sounds of the rain.
  • DAY 7. My week on the island is over. I got up early in the morning to see the sunrise. On the way back to the port, I thought about how I came to this unfamiliar island and how I am leaving when almost every street seems familiar. For 7 days I attended about 18 different yoga lessons. At first, I didn’t feel the difference in my emotional state, but now I feel how much energy and inspiration I have inside! Only 7 days, but they were incredibly rich, calm and interesting. I will remember the taste of wild pineapple on the first evening, brushing my teeth in the fresh air and cold shower, rooster cries starting from 4 a.m. and songs of the local population. I’ll remember the bike rides and the wonderful sunsets.  Another one of my little lives was lived here. Traditionally, see you, Gili Air!
Life in moments

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