First night in Bali, my experience

Magical island

I am sure that everyone in his life has ever heard about paradise on the Earth – Bali. The name of this island sounds expensive and magical. Everyone wants to visit this place one day in order to know why people become others after one week. This island can change your life.
I have never known anything about this island and have never dreamt to visit it. But things happen. Tickets were bought spontaneously and unexpectedly. 24 February 2018 the first time I landed in Bali. We(me and my friend) had a late flight, the plane was terribly cold, we didn’t get any food and all our snacks finished by this time. This was our first independent journey. Usually, I travel with my closest and nearest person – my sister.

Night adventures

At the airport, dozens of drivers met us. We did not know how to bargain properly, how to take a taxi, and whether we can trust anyone at all (before this trip we didn’t read any blogs and advice. We wanted to have real emotions. Actually , we got it:D). We chose one driver, prayed and went to the hotel. We drove 30 minutes in the dark along narrow streets. The clocks showed midnight. We were so scared. In hotel we spent another 30 minutes to figure out why we didn’t want to be settled. Finally, the keys to the room were in our hands. Bed, shower and warm water were all we needed that night.
By this time our stomachs have already decreased to the size of a nut from hunger. We collected all our latest courage and went to look for some food. The same narrow streets, fast bikes and people with ‘strange’ smiles. Actually, we found only a sweet milk and corn flakes. I still remember this carbohydrate charge:DD
We went to bed already deep in the night. While my sister was thinking about why we came here at all, I knew that an amazing journey awaited us. And this journey has already begun.

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