Coolfire on board!

One day in the far future, I will open this blog and remember all the memories from my amazing trips. I will find photos, that no longer exist on my memory cards. I will find some thoughts I now believe in, but maybe change them in the future. I will find dreams, that come true by this time. I will show this blog to my children and give them the opportunity to know more about my life.

Actually, I paid only 12$ for one year for this website. But when I got confirmation about a successful transaction, I was scared.  About what should I write? How to be interesting for people? Where to start? Inhale, exhale. No worries. Primarily I created this blog for myself. It means I will write simply from the heart.

If one a wondering soul come to this blog and find useful and interesting information, it would be great. If this soul decides to stay here for longer, it will be twice as pleasant. In general, we begin! Coolfire on board! And for your question:”Why coolfire?”,- I don’t have an answer :DD

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