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10 useful apps for foreigners in China


It is the own app in China, which replaces popular sites such as Instagram, twitter, facebook, wats app. You can not only chat with friends but also call a taxi, send money, buy tickets in the cinema and other functions. Create your account using a mobile phone.
Instruction for use:


Google, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp are prohibited in China. VPN blocks your real location and allows you to enter into accounts. Before I used free “Turbo VPN”, but now it is blocked. Now I buy Astrill VPN( 15.90$/months or Express VPN( 12.95$/month. When buying for 6 or 12 months the price will be cheaper.


In my trips, I use offline google translator or Yandex translator. If you want to explain something to a Chinese person, use simple sentences for translation.


It is not easy to navigate in China. Popular maps such as, google maps, Yandex maps will not help there. AMaps is the best map in China. The language of the program is Chinese, but it is not so complicated to use it, as you may think. You can just choose your location, copy or write the address that you want to get and select a convenient way: by car, on foot, by bicycle or by public transport.


App for electronic money. Very useful for modern life. The technology in China is going faster, even on the outskirts of the city you can use an electronic wallet.
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A Chinese version of Uber. You can install in both languages: English or Chinese. There are several verities of the trip: cheap, moderate and ‘luxe’. The opportunity to chat with the driver online can help you to find each other faster. Advise: Chinese drivers like to call you before arrival. If you don’t know the Chinese language, ask some stranger on the street to speak with the driver (just give him the phone) and he will help you to find a car. Chinese people are friendly and ready to help.
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7.TaoBao (淘宝)

I think, that you have ever heard (or maybe even used ) the site Aliexpress with Chinese goods available all over the world. Taobao is a Chinese variety of Aliexpress available only in China. You must create an account, enter your address and order things you need. Price is cheaper than in shops. In addition, you can find the necessary goods using its photo. All purchases are delivered either to the apartment or in special boxes on the first floor of the house. If you used Taobao once, you would never stop:D
Instruсtion for use:

8.TMall (天猫)

TMall is similar to Taobao. Many online shops with good sales.

9.Meituan (美团)

TaoBao is my right hand, Meituan – left hand. On this site, you can order food, check restaurants and cafes around, get a discount in the cinema or SPA. Hotel and ticket booking is also available.
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10. Mobike/Ofo

Two big bikes companies in China. Bikes are located along the streets. For your trip, you should scan code on a bike with a pre-installed program. Mobike is more expensive, ofo is more commonplace. Check bike before the ride, because sometimes it can be broken.   
Instruction for use Mobike:
Instruction for use Ofo:

I hope that these programs will make your trip to China convenient.