7 adventures to live in China!

China is a magical and unusual country. People ask me: “Why do you like to live in China?” I want to tell you about 7 things that make my life more pleasant in the Celestial Empire.

  1. Free water and toilets everywhere! Boilers with hot and cold water in all public places.  The same about toilets.
  2. Bicycles are a popular way to get around. Parking with bicycles is located along the streets. The fare depends on the distance, but you will not pay more than a dollar.
  3. 24-hour convenience stores! Don’t worry if you are hungry after night party or tore pantyhose before a date or wiped feet to the blood because of the new sneakers. Things of first need you can find here. The most popular shops are seven-eleven, family mart, Lawson, C-store and etc.
  4. Forgot about real paper money! People usually use an online purse. Make a Chinese card in a bank – connect the card with your phone – install the app (wechat or alipay) – pay for a purchase.
  5. Cut my pineapple, please! China is rich in delicious and ripe fruits. In all the shops, you can ask an assistant to cut your fruit and put it in the box. The same system in bakeries.
    It’s worth to mention free degustations in Chinese shops, where you can try different kinds of food for free.
  6. I don’t miss Russian food in China, because I can find everything on Taobao. It is an amazing website. The familiar Aliexpress but in Chinese variation. Rapid delivery, fast feedback system, intoxicating prices. My first salary run away there.
  7. Special chain of gyms LEFIT. Pay 15$ every month and go to any gym of this chain. There are free classes with the coach and all the necessary equipment.  So easy and so convenient.

Would you like to visit China?

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