2 days in HongKong

Day 1

The way to HongKong took around 6 hours. From Guangzhou to Shenzhen by train, from Shenzhen to HongKong on foot, to the city center by subway. I got off the subway and saw English-style buildings (for a long time HongKong was a colony of England). I actually liked HongKong at first sight. But 20 minutes later, when I got to the front desk of my hotel, I was scared: too little space and too many people.

One of the local streets in Kowloon area

The taste of HongKong

Crowds of people, colorful streets, double-deck buses and smell of HongKong’s waffles. The taste of this city is special, but, by the end of the day, I understood that I like it. I associate HongKong with Singapore (but Singapore is too perfect for me) and Macao, but, anyway, I still have other feelings here. HongKong is real. It has a special life. One building almost rests against another, you can look out the window and shake hands with your neighbor. It is difficult to keep the fast rhythm of this place and not to lose your own life. 

Bus with a local ice-cream

The Victoria Pick

The Victoria Pick is one of the most popular places in HongKong for visiting. On the first day, I went there in order to see the whole city in my hands. I closed my eyes and understood, despite the speed, Hongkong can to be quiet and calm. People here appreciate silence: they speak quiet, move quiet, eat quietly. It is easy to distinguish a Chinese person from HongKong’s person.

View on The Pick Victoria

Yummy lunch, a lot of photos, gorgeous views and good coffee – my first meeting with HongKong.

Day 2

HongKong is the city that easily makes visitors fall in love with it. The atmosphere on the streets is so peculiar and unusual that you just want to walk and feel this city. Delicious breakfast in a small cafe, which I found on trip adviser mixed with the noise of passing cars. The Museum of space told me that astronauts train in space at least 2 hours a day. In Starbucks, I tried a delicious chicken pie, which is now my favorite dish here.

Lunch in Starbucks

If to be honest, I didn’t want to leave HongKong. Some magical force kept me here. For me, HongKong is the city of balance: people here calm and fast at the same time, they are not very happy or frown. They are not bright, but not dull.

Waterfront area

City of my heart? Maybe… Let’s see…

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